CRUMPLED PAPER – A Novel About Art and Tea

CRUMPLED PAPER – A Novel About Art and Tea is my first novel. It is available here for purchase on my Amazon Author Page.
If you are in the area and would like to pick up a copy directly from me, or if you want a signed copy with bookmark, email me at –


Every Saturday morning Glenn goes to the cafe to meet his friend Richard, a brilliant but eccentric and struggling artist. Richard cares far more about achieving his artistic vision than he does about making money. Glenn would like Richard to be able to pay his studio rent. Between pots of tea, they discuss life and art.

After Richard leaves an unintentional defect in one of his drawings, the piece of art soars in popularity and value as it is traded among collectors. Richard has no idea about the drawing’s journey and seems to be the only one not profiting from it.

Meanwhile, Richard is planning his most ambitious and daring show yet collaborating with models, musicians, poets, and fashion designers. Will this ultimate artistic expression finally bring Richard recognition, and satisfy both his critics and his accountant?

 An insightful, often humorous look into the world of art and the colorful cast of characters who inhabit it. This book explores the pursuit of beauty, how to find inspiration in everything you see, and the joy of conversation.


The Local Authors Festival sponsored by Gramercy Books and Bexley Library was Saturday. It was a fun event with forty authors selling and signing books. I sold a few to some wonderfully enthusiastic readers.

My new postcards arrived in the mail literally five minutes before we left for the event so I brought them with me. The postcard depicts Renoir’s Luncheon of the boating Party. Not only is the painting talked about in the book but the actual postcard of the painting is talked about in the book. Because of this, I had always thought it would make a fun bonus, and a useful accessory for the book. You can use it as a handy reference or just hang it on your refrigerator like Richard does. See my future blog about why I like to include extras.


Griffey’s Book Emporium in Delaware posted this on their site today!

“Crumpled Paper by Michael S. Moore is our latest indie/local Staff Pick! Bookseller Aria heartily recommends this insightful and layered novel about art, philosophy, and slowing down to savor the good things in life.

Signed copies from last week’s event are available here in store. Come get yours today!”


The Kimono In The Window
This is another drawing by Veronica depicting a scene in CRUMPLED PAPER. During a walk, Richard comes across this window display at an art gallery. Ideas and images start flowing through his mind and assembling themselves into a vision a future project. But he doesn’t realize that he’s been standing there so long that he is now covered in snow and almost freezing to death!


This Saturday August 5th, I will be at Griffey’s Book Emporium in Delaware for an event/signing . I will bring books, buttons, and bookmarks! Please come out for a signed copy of CRUMPLED PAPER!


Do you like anchovies?

This is a drawing by my daughter Veronica. It is the scene in my book where Annabelle suggests the Salad Nicoise. Glenn is smitten and takes her suggestion even though he hates anchovies.


I was interviewed by author, poet, and blogger Gina McKnight! Please click the link to read the full interview on her web page here – Riding and Writing.


At the Hocking Hills Book Fair with books, buttons, and tea candy!


I’m happy to introduce the new CRUMPLED PAPER button! These pretty one inch buttons depict the book’s front cover drawing. Wear one to show your love and support of art and books! These will not come with books from Amazon of course, but they are available at events or directly from me.


CRUMPLED PAPER was reviewed by writer Robert C Trube. Read the review on his website by clicking the link here – Bob on Books – CRUMPLED PAPER BOOK REVIEW


CRUMPLED PAPER is now available at the Twinsburg Public Library. This is a beautiful library about halfway between Akron and Cleveland.

Coshocton Public Library now has CRUMPLED PAPER on the shelves! My daughter lives in this town so it was important for me to be represented here. Very cozy library with arched windows, exposed brick walls, and upper level.

At the Kicks Mix Bookstore Holi-Bookday event. Six authors including myself, games, holiday treats, raffles, and door prizes. The shop cat Edgar Allen Paws made himself at home on my table right away. Very cozy shop with two floors of books.

CRUMPLED PAPER now available at the Wexner Center of the Arts. Such a great selection of art books here. I’m very happy to be a part of it!

CRUMPLED PAPER is now available in the Columbus Museum Of Art. Visit the museum and on the way out stop by the store and pick up a signed copy!

CRUMPLED PAPER is now available at the Bexley Library. This beautiful library was my most frequented spot when I lived in Old Town East.

I’m happy to announce Granville Library has added CRUMPLED PAPER to its collection and now has it on their NEW FICTION shelf. Check it out! (literally)

CRUMPLED PAPER is now available at Readers Garden Bookstore in Granville! Readers Garden is an independent bookstore in the heart of Granville, the home of Denison University. Such a pretty shop and neighborhood!

CRUMPLED PAPER is now available at The Columbus Metropolitan Library. I’m very excited about this because I have used the library all my life and even worked as a volunteer in the downtown branch in the used bookstore, and sorting donated books. I’ve taken my daughters here all my life too so it’s especially great to be a part of it now.

CRUMPLED PAPER is now available at Gramercy Books in Bexley! Gramercy is a locally-owned independently minded carefully curated neighborhood bookstore. It’s right across the street from the Bexley Library and it even has a little coffee shop attached. Perfect!

At the October Halloween Market at Otterbein University!

CRUMPLED PAPER now available at Prologue Bookshop! It is great to be in this shop that is in the center of the Short North Art District. Make this a stop during the monthly Gallery Hop!

CRUMPLED PAPER is now available at Lost Weekend Records in Clintonville! Lost Weekend specializes in vinyl records but also supports art of all kinds including local musicians, artists, and writers. It is great to be included here!

CRUMPLED PAPER is available at Kafe Kerouac! This is one of the coolest spots in Columbus. It is a coffee shop, a bar, a record and book store, a place where artists, writers, and musicians congregate to see poetry slams and art events. Maybe the last of the bohemian style cafes, and just the kind of place Richard would love to hang out in. I can’t describe how happy I am this is the first place to carry my book!

Visual packaging is very important to me! I want the book to be a physical piece of art on its own. That is why I had custom bookmarks made to be part of the package.

Made in USA. The book is printed in Delaware, the bookmarks are made in California, and the tassels are made in Florida.

Shipment of one hundred books arrives! I can honestly say this was the most exciting thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail. My cat Velvet inspected the order for quality. She said the best part was the box (cat joke)


Blog Number One – French Onion Soup

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and wished you were eating the food that was part of the story? Even better, do you ever prepare food specifically for a certain movie or book? I do it all the time. Nothing lets you understand people better than eating what they eat. And nothing lets you immerse yourself into the story and feel the atmosphere and mood better than eating and drinking along with the characters. Not long ago I was reading the classic Japanese novel Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa about the famous samurai. In the book, Musashi is always traveling and during rest breaks on the road he invariably unwraps a bag of rice balls. If he comes to a town and finds a store, he will order rice balls and tea, sometimes pouring the tea into the rice. When he is being extravagant, he may even add pickled cabbage to the rice. Even though he is eating this meal out of necessity because he is very poor, nothing in the world sounds better to me at that moment. So, I’ve made rice and pickled cabbage and drank tea with Musashi plenty of times, and it made the book even better. With this in mind, I thought for my first blog it would be fun to do the same with Crumpled Paper. Since a lot of the scenes in my book are in cafes, there are a lot of food references. Here is the first.

In Chapter number three French Onion Soup, Richard is trying to be patient waiting for Glenn to arrive at the café. The reason for his worry is he wants to order before they run out of soup! When Glenn arrives, Richard quickly orders two bowls, and by the end of the meal they proclaim it a masterpiece. There are a lot of versions of this soup. Some use white wine, some red. Some use beef broth, chicken stock, or water. This recipe is a combination of classic ones and inspired by the Julia Childs method which she learned at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. I thought it was appropriate since Richard mentions Julia in the chapter. As far as the wine, I’m almost sure somewhere along the line I’ve heard Julia recommend drinking Beaujolais with the soup, but I can’t find that reference now. Richard remembers though so I guess that’s all that matters.

French Onion Soup from Le Petite Café
Heat a quart of homemade beef stock, beef soup, or beef consommé. Add a few bay leaves, sprigs of parsley and thyme. These can be tied in a bundle to make it easier to remove later.
Cut two large onions and the white part of two leeks into thin slices. (Various recipes use white, yellow, red onions so whatever you like. I use yellow).
Sauté onions and some garlic cloves in butter until caramelized and a beautiful brown
Add a few tablespoons of flour to onions to thicken. Stir continuously.
Add a cup of white wine and bring to a boil for a minute. Scrape pan to make sure onions do not stick.
Add beef stock. Let gently simmer for thirty minutes.
Slice baguette and toast on both sides
Remove herbs and then pour beef stock and pour into individual fireproof serving bowls
Place slices of bread in each bowl and top with Gruyere cheese
Place in broiler until cheese melts and browns.

Serve with a glass of Beaujolais and a book. Or begin a conversation debating the concept of beauty in art. Can a simple crumpled paper napkin rival Michelangelo’s David? After enough glasses of Beaujolais, you may even find yourself agreeing with Richard’s point of view.